Terra Friedrichs
Who I am...

I've traveled the world, and found that one of the best places to be, on this Earth...is right where I grew up... in MetroWest Massachusetts

Still quaint and charming, the little village where I live is in the heart of the American Revolution.  Farmers, worried about their families and future, gathered together to stick up for themselves against abuse of power. Currently, it has one of the highest percentages of affordable housing per square mile in the region!

I have the joy of being able to say that I live within a stone's throw of my extended family and some of my oldest and dearest friends.

My friends tend to be "renaissance people"...organic gardners, musicians, artists, chefs, sustainability planners...

The old house is both a blessing and a curse.  "A river runs through it" only partially describes the challenges of caring for a home that's over a century old. But its towering pines and architectural detail cast soft shadows in the afternoon, making it worth all of the sweat and tears. 

Come visit sometime and ask for a tour of our garden paths... and don't forget to take a peak at the wild orchids were kind enough to take root here!

In between stacking wood, digging trenches, and packing up relief supplies (see Community Work), I focus on environmental and racial justice...helping create a more fiscally, environmentally and socially sustainable/equitable world.

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