Terra Friedrichs

Arts Creation & Production

Video Projection Art

Mobius Artspace

Mobius Hallway 2010:

Jang Wang,
Director @ Mobius: 
"Ms. Friedrichs...took the time to research the space and develop a site-specific piece which transformed the back hallway into a thought provoking and visually stunning kaleidoscope.

Mobius Hallway "Before":

Other Video Art Examples:

Jones Tavern, Acton MA

a multi-artist show
curated by 
ParDon Collective

pic by Paul Weiner

Other work:

* production: regional/national
+ stage management
+ technicals
+ front of house management

* original art pieces
+ performance art
+ music video
+ art films

Examples of
my other work:

* Crysalis
"performance art" (Part 1, Part 2 )
I directed, and helped conceive the piece. I shot and edited the music video. (music by "What Time Is It Mr Fox", written by and starring Brian King) . For a slide show of stills choose this link: Crysalis.

* "Jack O' Lantern"
a "scary" music video that I created with
"What Time is it Mr Fox"

(Lighting/photo by Nicholas Vargelis www.vargelis.com )

* "Hotel Blanc", a project that I collaborated on with Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls, Claire Davies and other local actors/artists in Boston in 2004. Here it is staged at MIT. [the piece was based off of the Pink Dot's music]

Let's create art! 


projection art

materials: video, stage lighting gels, work lights, fog, fake spider webs, scary sounds, and other various stage sundries which successfully scared and entertained children and adults alike

terraf (at) compuserve (dot) com

p: 978 266 2778
c: 978 808 7.1-73

For proposals
for original art pieces,
please contact me.


terra at work
(pic by Paul Weiner)

resume & references available upon request. 


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