Terra Friedrichs

Disaster Relief
for the
Katrina Ravaged Gulf and Beyond...

UPDATE: The team that engaged in this effort realized in 2007, after the hurricane recovery efforts were winding down, and large swaths of the recovery zone were being left to squalor AND that many of these zones didn't have running water, school text books, or libraries, [and they didn't BEFORE the hurricane] that there was a much more serious problem than a single hurricane recovery effort. So the team decided to focus future efforts on building "mutual aid" networks that can help communities survive not only natural disasters but man made disasters, as well.

Effectively, the Citizen Action Team decided that "poverty" was/is a disaster. And we carried on. So while we appreciate the award, and the accolades, and ALL of the many people who helped make this all possible...the work is really just getting started. 

See the Relief Database, a peer to peer listing of mutual aid resources.

September 2005

Acton Boxborough 
Regional High School helps gather relief supplies for Katrina survivors, setting the stage for a new large-scale
"business model" for
community participation in disaster relief.

Boston's KISS 108 Sponsors Katrina Relief Supply Donations Collection Site

Mayflower (Brookline Moving & Storage, Norwood, MA) and the Local 25 Teamsters, and Citizen Action Team Gather and ship supplies to relief sites in the Gulf

Part of the team of
Co-Founders of
Citizen Action Team
Terra Friedrichs
Pamela Ruby Russell, and
 Scott Billington

Thank you for caring!

Almost a year later...in 2006

Terra, Christy Barbee & Chris Williams Accept the Award for "Innovative Use of Technology" on behalf of the Citizen Action Team from the
Organizer's Collaborative for the
Citizen Action Team's 
"Relief Database",
which is now used
in over 50 counties
in the US,
and three countries.

Members of the
Citizen Action Team give the Keynote Speech at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Boston

Terra is very appreciative of the honor...

See www.reliefdatabase.org for more info,
news, and pictures...

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