Terra Friedrichs

Arts Creation & Production

Video Projection Art

Mobius Artspace

Mobius Hallway 2010:

Jang Wang,
Director @ Mobius: 
"Ms. Friedrichs...took the time to research the space and develop a site-specific piece which transformed the back hallway into a thought provoking and visually stunning kaleidoscope.

Mobius Hallway "Before":

Other Video Art Examples:

Jones Tavern, Acton MA

a multi-artist show
curated by 
ParDon Collective:

pic by Paul Weiner

Other work:

* production: regional/national
+ stage management
+ technicals
+ front of house management

* original art pieces
+ performance art
+ music video
+ art films

Examples of
my other work:

* Crysalis
"performance art" (Part 1, Part 2 )
I directed, and helped conceive the piece. I shot and edited the music video. (music by "What Time Is It Mr Fox", written by and starring Brian King) . For a slide show of stills choose this link: Crysalis.

* "Jack O' Lantern"
a "scary" music video that I created with
"What Time is it Mr Fox"

(Lighting/photo by Nicholas Vargelis www.vargelis.com )

* "Hotel Blanc", a project that I collaborated on with Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls, Claire Davies and other local actors/artists in Boston in 2004. Here it is staged at MIT.

Let's create art! 


projection art
video, stage lighting gels, work lights, fog, fake spider webs, other various stage sundries

terraf (at) compuserve (dot) com

p: 978 266 2778
c: 978 808 7173

For proposals
for original art pieces,
please contact me.


terra at work
(pic by Paul Weiner)

resume & references available upon request. 


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