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* Local: 

"Inclusive Government"

I am working hard in my town of Acton, Massachusetts to help improve government by making it possible for more people to participate using web-based tools, inclusive public meetings, and surveys, etc. My goal is for  "government to come to you" rather than making you track down government officials to "be heard . 

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* Regional: 

"Promote Citizen Activism"

I support regional action to help inform legislators of local positions on important issues.  I work with citizen action groups in the cities of Boston, Jamaica Plain, Somverville and Cambridge.  The organizations that I help most promote "sustainable" social justice like Bikes Not Bombs, several household goods and construction supply and electronics recycling groups.  (Ask me if you are interested in recycling these types of things)  I work with social awareness groups that show citizens how to get involved in government and community service.

* National: 

"Disaster Relief Logistics and Recycling Efforts"

The Citizen Action Team's Relief Database is a method for donors & volunteers to connect directly with organizations that do relief and social services work.  It's for any community.  It's free.

It is a way to recycle surplus and to get donations out to the field in the most direct
way possible.

It allows you to connect with extremely underserved groups and give directly, thus making your charity $work harder for those in need.

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Feel free to contact me...

terra "at" citizenactionteam "dot" org

978 266 2778
978 808 7173 (cell)

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